Subaru WRX STi Carbon Fiber Trunk

The carbon fiber V1 is a beautiful combination of subtlety and aggressiveness packaged into a lightweight composite trunk lid.  The CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) version features a high gloss carbon fiber finish (2×2 twill weave) with a FRP inner structure.  All V1s ship out with a latch already installed for easy of installation!  The CFRP V1 weighs approximately 12.1lbs.

No Longer Available


13 thoughts on “V1 CFRP

  1. Will you have any of the V1 CFRP trunks available with the keyhole already cut. I have an ’05 STi and am considering a Velocity Trunk. Also could you give me a shipping quote to 29418? Thanks.

  2. does this trunk fit on stock bugeye rear lights? im going to order one once i have the money, how much is the shipping to Puerto Rico? also when will there be trunks available? thank you!

  3. Thats a gorgeous looking trunk. I like that there is no keyhole.

    How is the fitment straight out of the box, and is there a wait list currently?

  4. how much would be total shipped to 95122 once available? Also are the V1 CFRP only being made or are the v1 FRP still being made too?

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